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One of our core values at Christ Church is radical generosity.  What we have is a gift from God and we want to share it with others.  Please complete this form and let us know when you want to use the property and purpose.  We'll get you a response as soon as possible.

Request Form


Facility Use Responsibilities:

Contact the Church Secretary to schedule approval and availability
Coordinate set-up time (if needed) with a church Deacon
Provide their own food, beverages, dishes and utensils.  
The facility must be cleaned and looking as it did before use. Trash and recycling must be placed in the dumpsters.  
Any Classrooms or Auditorium / Chapel that are used must be vacuumed and seats cleaned free of debris.
If classrooms, meeting rooms or chapel are used replace furniture to its original setting
If the thermostats are changed reset them to their original settings
Report any problems experienced with the facility to the Deacon contact
NO smoking on the premises
NO alcohol on the premises
Secular activities should provide proof of insurance

Important Note: 

In the event there is damage to the facility or professional cleanup is required due to event usage, the individual who reserved the facility will be responsible for reimbursement for the cleanup or repairs.  A fee may be charged if individuals are needed to operate any of the church’s equipment for your activity.
We reserve the right to decline the request of any person or group to use Christ Church facilities or property to host or house any group, function or event inconsistent with the biblical standards for marriage and Christ Church’s policy on Marriage and Human Sexuality. This includes, but is not limited to: weddings, vow renewal ceremonies, funerals, baptisms, child dedications and any other usage not deemed acceptable according to the Church’s By Laws and Doctrinal Statement.