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Christ Church Kids

Helping kids find
and follow jesus

Christ Church Kids is all about helping kids find and follow Jesus. A child’s first impressions of the God of the Bible is a big deal. In fact, ideas of God formed in childhood often stick (for better or worse) with a person throughout their lifetime.

While God has given parents the primary responsibility of forming those early ideas of God, our goal is to provide powerful boosts to the Bible teaching happening at home through ninety minutes of intentional singing; engaging, deep Bible teaching; and loving interaction with God’s people each Sunday morning.

You can save time and REGISTER YOUR CHILD HERE (Saturday and Sunday morning registration submissions will not likely be processed until the following work week)

what should i expect?

0-35 Month-olds

  • A fun, safe environment 
  • An allergy-friendly snack 
  • A simple Bible story and song for older children

Preschoolers (3-5 year-olds)

  • A fun, safe environment
  • An age-appropriate worship time
  • An engaging Bible lesson
  • Activities and crafts to reinforce the lesson

Lower Elementary (1st-2nd Grade)

  • A trip next door to the Pre-K room for a joint time of age-appropriate worship
  • An engaging Bible lesson
  • Activities and crafts to reinforce the lesson

Upper Elementary (3rd-5th Grade)

  • A trip into the auditorium to join the adult worship service for congregational singing
  • An engaging Bible lesson that encourages those students who can to read the Bible for themselves
  • Discussion to help students apply the Word to their lives

What Will you teach my child?

The Gospel

We want each child to know that he/she is loved deeply by the Creator God, who sent His Son Jesus to die in sinners' place on the cross. Jesus defeated death, bodily rose from the grave, and now offers eternal life to anyone who will trust in Him.

A Chronological Bible Theology

We want children to understand the overall storyline of the Bible, not just individual Bible stories.

Scripture Memory

Children (and adults!) need the Word of God stored in their hearts for ready use.

Systematic Theology

We want children to have a doctrinal framework that will help them make sense of the massive story of the Bible.

Practically, how do you teach these things?

Answers in Genesis Curriculum

We use Answers in Genesis, which cycles through all the major narratives of the Bible every three years.  If your child is with us from age three all the way through fifth grade, he or she will work through the Bible three times with increasing depth each time.

Scripture Memory

We believe kids (and adults) need God's word hidden deep in their hearts.  

Musical Worship

We gather kids in K-2nd each week for a musical worship time, where we get to praise God together. Kids in 3rd-5th grade travel as a class each week into the adult worship service, because we believe that it’s a huge benefit to kids to see their parents worshiping and to experience the awe of God that comes in the gathered worship service.
In preschool, we start working on memorizing the books of the Bible together. We usually repeat memory verses several weeks in a row, encouraging kids to actually memorize them!

Other faq's

Do I have to register my child in advance?

No, you do not. However, if you'd like to save some time on your first visit, feel free to register them in advance. 

Do you have a midweek program?

We do not currently have a midweek program but hope to one day.